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Here are just a few of the comments people have sent me over the years. All

Testimonials are on file.

Hi William, Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for helping me quit.. I was a

year off the cigs on the 6th and I also battled the weight problem I am so proud

and happy with my self.. once again Thank You.!! by the way the other 3

people I recommended you to have also stayed smoke free.. you are

WONDERFUL.!! Have a great weekend F.T.

Dear William, Just a quick update and thank you. Following our session 4

weeks ago I am truly a *non smoker* and extremely grateful to be so. After 20

years of smoking & countless attempts at giving up, your technique cracked the

code. Your rationale made complete sense. I also think you also saved my

marriage. My Husband continued smoking while I quit (again). This lack of

support made me rage every time he smoked around me, or came inside and

wreaked out our home. After your session I couldn't care less about his

smoking, and was just glad I was no longer a smoker like him.


William, Tomorrow it will be 1 year since I quit smoking. Hooray! Cannot thank

you enough and just wanted to send well wishes and heartfelt gratitude your

way on this anniversary. J.R.

p.s. not tempted in the least

Dear William,

I am totally an ex-smoker! Thank you!

Since I saw you I have not had one cigarette or even been tempted despite

being in all sorts of situations that I thought would be difficult like parties,

crises etc. I have even been offered a cigarette in my dreams and was not


J.R. Writer - Sydney

Hi William.

I feel I can say I've quit forever!-

I gave your card to someone who I think may need your help.

Also I'm starting to smell things again, my energy levels are ridiculously high-

thank god I play a lot of tennis!

I feel fantastic, I don't stink anymore- I let others do that for me!!!-one great

thing I forgot to mention is that I haven't become an anti smoking nazi. If

people around me want to smoke then they can and it doesn't bother me like I

thought it might- they just ask me about how I quit and I tell them and they all

say how amazing it is-hopefully over time they'll quit too-but it's nice to know I

can put myself in situations where I used to smoke, in pubs, having a drink

with smoking friends after concerts etc., and not have any desire at all to


So thank you once again for your help- I'm a non-smoker and will continue to

be one for the rest of my life!

Cheers mate.