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Smoking Cessation




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Smoking Cessation

1. Each year more than 18,000 Australians die prematurely because

of smoking - that is 50 a day.

2. Smoking kills more people in Australia than the total number

killed by drink, drugs, murder, suicide, road crashes, rail crashes,

air crashes, poisoning, drowning, fires, falls, lightning,

electrocution, snakes, spiders and sharks.

3. Of 1,000 young Australian males who smoke, 1 will be murdered,

15 will be killed on the road and 250 will be killed before their time

by tobacco.

Source: Australian Council On Smoking and Health

Nearly 50 years ago, Leslie Bullock, my father, invented a system to help people

give up smoking cigarettes and other addictive substances, which has proven to

be very successful.

Using a combination of stress management techniques, self hypnosis and

specialised suggestions and ideas, we have helped many people to quit

smoking, quickly, easily and pleasantly.

Quit Now!

Many people can quit after just one session. Sometimes people need more than

one session however, our goal is to help you in one session. It is important that

you want to stop.

We also offer telephone support and coaching services where necessary. Call

+61-2-411-811-432 for an appointment.


It has been shown that 10% of Australians drink at a risky or high

risk level that can cause them long term harm while 34% drink at

rates that can cause harm in the short term.

Source: Australian Department of Health and Aging - Fact Sheet: Alcohol

Abuse July 2007

I have helped many people to deal with alcohol problems. By dealing with

underlying drives, stresses, tensions or emotional problems, we have found that

people can stop drinking altogether.

If you want to stop you can!

I have found that two or three sessions is all that is usually required for clients

to quit or to reach their planned and safe level of alcohol consumption. As with

all services I offer telephone support or additional refresher sessions after the

initial consultations if required. Call +61-2-411-811-432 for an appointment.


According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 1 60%

of Australians over the age of twenty-five years are overweight or

obese. This rate is more than double what it was twenty years ago.2

In detail, and in real terms, this means there are 4.82 million

Australians who are overweight and another 2.6 million

Australians who are classified as obese. Excess weight puts people

at increased risk of health problems as well as mental health

concerns such as low self-esteem and increased stress.

Many people try all kinds of methods to lose weight. It can be easy to lose some

weight in the beginning but it is often very difficult to continue the momentum

of weight loss to achieve the overall goal of a healthy weight. Research shows

that it is especially difficult to MAINTAIN the loss.

Most people understand that the best method to achieve a healthy weight is to

develop a healthy eating pattern combined with sensible exercise. This requires

changes; new eating patterns, techniques and habits that do not rely on crash

diets, chemicals or surgery. Some people need assistance to make and sustain

these changes.

To this end I have developed a system of relaxation exercises and focusing skills

to help you to visualise and achieve your goals. By dealing with underlying

stresses, patterns, or emotional problems, we find that people can effectively

lose weight and learn to MAINTAIN that loss over time.

Three or four sessions will usually get people well on their way, and as with all

my services, telephone support or booster sessions after the initial consultations

are available. It is vital that clients include physical exercise and healthy eating

patterns to assist them to reach their goals. Call +61-2-411-811-432 for an


1.Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) 2004. Heart,

stroke and vascular disease - Australian facts 2004. AIHW Cat.No.

CVD27. Canberra:AIHW and National Heart Foundation of

Australia, (Cardiovascular disease Series No. 22).

2. Cameron AJ et al. Overweight and obesity in Australia: the

1999-2000 Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study

(AusDiab).  Medical Journal of Australia 2003; 178(9):427-432


2004-2005: Australians overall gambled $142 billion in turnover of

which 72% was on gambling machines (pokies). In NSW, Victoria

and Queensland gambling on pokies is about 90% of total wagering.

Source: Australian Gambling Statistics 2006 prepared by the Queensland


Quit Gambling

Gambling is becoming more of a problem in our society. Pokies, Poker, Horses,

Dogs, TAB, Casinos, Lotteries & etc. There are many problems associated with

it. I have some excellent methods for helping you to quit gambling. If you are

determined to make a real change in your life, and you are willing to help

yourself. By dealing with underlying stresses, tensions or emotional problems, it

is possible to stop. Using a specialised system of relaxation exercises and

focusing skills to help you to take charge of your life. Only one or two sessions

will usually get you on your way, and as with all our services we offer telephone

support or booster sessions after the initial consultations. Call +61-2-411-811-432

for an appointment.

Other Areas That May Be Helped by Hypnotherapy

& Stress Management

My aim is to help people better understand and manage their life situation

including any areas of concern they might have. I teach self-hypnosis and

stress management techniques - learning how to deal with stress in a more

constructive way. Using a specially developed system of relaxation exercises

and focusing techniques can help clients make dramatic changes to their lives.

Areas that can benefit from this approach include for example:

Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Stress and Anxiety

Fears and Phobias

Motivation including Sports Motivation

Public Speaking

Study and Concentration

Eneuresis (bed wetting)

Nail biting/picking, Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania)

Excema, psoriasis, asthma

Clarity and relief from traumatic experiences

Depending on the issues explored 1- 6 sessions may be needed, 1- 3 sessions is

common. Some people find that they enjoy relaxing so much that they come

back regularly for a top-up and to re-focus on their goals.

Call +61-2-411-811-432 to make an appointment or if you have any questions