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Frequently asked questions about Hypnosis

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is quite a difficult thing to define in many ways. Some would say it is

a form of relaxation, some a form of trance.

I feel that Hypnosis is a natural state of mind with special identifying


For me it is remarkable for the extraordinary quality of relaxation and calm it


It offers me as a therapist, an opportunity to give people positive, healing and

fulfilling suggestions, or ideas, of how to overcome and deal with their

problems. Some people will notice a heightened and selective sensitivity to

stimuli perceived by the five senses and four basic perceptions. Insights may be

gained relating to previous difficult or unpleasant experiences, showing a new

path to deal with learned habits. This can be incredibly empowering and

freeing for them.

One of my main goals is to teach my clients self-hypnosis and this is a major

aspect of my work. I believe "All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis"

Who benefits from Stress Management techniques, Hypnosis and


Anyone who is tense or stressed, for just about any reason. People who are

having trouble dealing with behaviours or habits they don't like. For example,

smokers, drinkers or gamblers who want to QUIT. People who want to

improve their performance in sport, public speaking, study or concentration.

What is Stress?

There is no simple or complete answer to this question because it is different for

everyone and can depend on many variables. What is stressful for one person

could be quite normal to another. This doesn't mean that one person is better

than another it usually means that one persons' experience is just different to

someone else.

What causes Stress?

Possibilities are:

Major Lifestyle Changes;

Such as divorce or unemployment.

Unexpected Life Events;

Death of a loved one or sudden loss of a job.

Accumulative events over a period of time:

work, study or personal problems.

Symptoms of stress which can be common to many people in varying

degrees of intensity may include:

Shallow or Rapid Breathing, Palpitations, Excessive Sweating, Fear, Anxiety,

Panic and Self Doubt.

How people deal with stress varies enormously as well, so I work on helping to

find the best techniques for each individual.